Our story starts in the French Alps where our founder witnessed the beauty of foods crafted with simplicity and a dedication to pure ingredients. It was there where the idea of intentionally crafted chocolate was met with the newly-realized potential for how food can enhance life. We thought that if we could create an organic bean-to-bar chocolate, it would have the potential to change the lives of the people who enjoy it.


Kristin MohagenKristin Mohagan | Founder & Chocolatier


For over 8 years, we have been crafting delicious flavors of chocolate using ingredients directly from the cacao plant. We had achieved what we set out to do: create an organic chocolate with robust flavors that encourages an appreciation for life. 

When we heard about the benefits of CBD, we were impressed by this new superfood and the potential it has to further our hope of creating a food experience that changes lives. It was then that we decided to combine our award winning bean-to-bar chocolate (TC Chocolate) with the life-changing benefits of CBD.

Each Rich CBD Chocolate bar is an organic, Intentionally-crafted, culinary experience combined with a daily dosage of hemp-derived superfood. Help yourself to our chocolate and change your life one day at a time.